Sunday, January 8, 2012

I don't normally post opinions or reviews about anything you can't ingest on this website, but I had to carve out a special spot to mention my love of is a website that provides a 30% discount off the total tab (including alcohol!) at participating restaurants in exchange for paying $10 for a confirmed reservation at that particular restaurant.

So far, we have used reservations once each at Colt & Gray, ChoLon, and Sushi Sasa. Each time we've visited, we've reminded the waitstaff before ordering about the deal, and they've never had any issues processing it.

Registering at is free and very easy.

Because of the $10 charge per reservation, you're making a little bit of an investment in your dinner. The more people and the more food and drinks you order, the more the initial $10 pays off. However, be aware that maximizes party size at four people. They do offer to refund your money if your meal savings are less than the reservation fee. You also have until two hours before reservation time to cancel or make changes.

I have had one small snag with A few months ago, we made dinner reservations for four at ChoLon that overbooked and was subsequently forced to cancel. They refunded our $10 reservation fee, and awarded us $30 to use toward future reservations. Normally this would only buy us three reservations, but because of a $5 post-Thanksgiving sale, were were able to stretch that $30.

The biggest downside to Savored is probably the limited number of participating restaurants. There are only 20 restaurants in Denver to choose from, although among that number are some of the best restaurants in town.

I would strongly recommend a membership for anyone who eats out frequently.

Please note that I have no affiliation whatsoever with, and I am writing this review purely out of my own positive experiences with Savored.

Mussels at Colt & Gray
Soup Dumplings at ChoLon
Sushi Rolls at Sushi Sasa



  1. Thank you for your post and for your support. I'm the VP of Marketing at Savored and wanted to assure you that we work to get the most favorable terms (i.e. larger party size allowances) possible for our members, but that sometimes restaurants have constraints such as size, etc. that limit our ability to offer greater flexibility. That said, we look forward to continuing to bring you new restaurant offers and availability over the course of the coming months! Thanks again.