Thursday, June 30, 2011

Le Central and the Roasted Pig

My husband has been food-fantasizing about a delicious roasted pig for as long as I've known him. And if that pig happened to be served in his honor, even better.

There was therefore no uncertainty over what would be the main course at his graduate school graduation party last month.

My wonderful mother hosted the party, and she was not about to dig up her backyard for a roasting pit. Instead, she google searched "roast suckling pig" and came up with three different places. The first two never called her back, and the third was Le Central. Yes, Le Central apparently roasts suckling pigs on top of serving amazing French food seven days a week. They were happy to make us a roasted pig, and my mom has loved Le Central forever. The choice was easy.

The party meal was a local, organic-fed, free range, 40-pound suckling pig. For a price of $400, this little piggy was not cheap, but it was well worth it from the first bite.

Transporting the pig from Le Central to my mom's place was a little tricky. I had concerns about lingering pig odors if we put it in the back seat, but the staff at Le Central advised against storage in the trunk to minimize movement during the car ride. So the piglet rode in the back seat, but still managed to leave some drippings behind on the seats.

The presentation of our piglet was beautiful. The pig sat on an oval mirror, surrounded by herbs and garlic cloves and oranges. We took an awful lot of photos before digging in.

And the taste? It certainly satisfied my husband's seven-or-so-year-longing for roast pig.  The meat was juicy and tender and wonderful. All the guests loved it.

Thank you for yet more delicious food, Le Central.



  1. I just moved to a new apartment a few blocks from Le Central, and have been thinking of stopping in --- nice to see a review (and meet a fellow Denverite).

  2. Hi Beatrice, thanks for your comment and the link on your website! You should definitely check out Le Central, although they are a little limited with veggie options.

  3. Just ate there Saturday! One of my faves, and cannot believe they will roast a pig. Awesome!