Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mix1 Lean Performance Shakes

I've been a regular drinker of Mix1's "light" protein shakes for over a year now, but they're only something I buy if and when they go on sale.

I've always found the drinks to be reasonably tasty considering their low calorie content and impressive nutritional stats. Plus, they're portable, making them a good remedy for the 3pm slump at work. However, anyone not interested in a "diet drink" might find them too watery and flavorless.

Besides the lean performance shakes, Mix1 also offers "all-natural protein shakes", which have more calories, different nutritional stats, and come in a wider variety of flavors. But I need to balance out things like the Bronx pizza's effect on my 5'2" frame, so I stick to the low-cal stuff.

Mix1, like so many local companies, hails from Boulder. And being from Boulder, the founders of Mix1 really, really, want you to use Mix1 as a recovery drink, for when you wake up one day and decide to participate in an ironman, or climb Mr. Kilimanjaro, or just squeeze in a quick marathon before heading to work. And of course, their drinks are completely all-natural.

Anyway, last weekend at the grocery store, I noticed the lower price, and I went into spend mode.

It wasn't until I got home that I really took a close look at the bottle, and realized things were a little different:

New packaging and apparently a new formulation. And a new label. Oh, and a different flavor.

Mix1 used to market their "light" drinks as "Hi-Antioxidant Fiber" drinks. Now, they're "Lean Performance Shakes". And they used to offer, I believe, an orange flavor and a dark berry flavor. Both were equally good. Now, they have an orange twist and an acai-pomegranate flavor. I'm cringing just writing acai-pomegranate. Could they have created a more shamelessly trendy flavor?

But one thing I have no complaints about is the impressive nutritional stats and easily-pronounceable ingredient list. With its new formulation, the calorie content has also dropped from 115 calories to 90 calories. I was a little worried that the taste would suffer accordingly, so it was time to put the new incarnation to the taste test.

The verdict: definitely an improvement in consistency and texture, and the lower calorie content is a plus. I was impressed that the new formulation actually seemed thicker than the previous version. Also, one thing I really disliked about Mix1's earlier embodiment was that every bottle would have a stubborn accumulation of hi-antioxidant, fibrous, all-natural sludge at the bottom. Thorough shaking of the bottle usually dispersed some of it, but it wasn't really worth the effort, even if I ended up with slimy bits in my last few sips.

And the acai-pomegranate flavor itself? Well, I'm not really sure what acai is supposed to taste like, since I've stayed away from the superfruit fad. It really tastes just like what I remember the Dark Berry flavor tasting like a few months ago. It's mildly sweet, still a bit watery, but it is, again, a low-calorie "light" drink.

Overall, the new lean performance shakes are a substantial improvement over the hi-antioxidant fiber drinks. They're an easy, portable option for getting a substantial dose of fiber, protein, and other nutrients, even for those of us who aren't extreme endurance athletes. But I'm sticking to the orange twist flavor.



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