Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fiona's Natural Foods Almond Chocolate Chip Quinoa Bars

I saw this bar at my local Whole Foods with the "I'm a Local" tag below it, and I knew I had to get one in my belly and on my little food review website.  After all, I love almonds, I love chocolate, I eat way too many energy bars, and I sort of like quinoa.

Fiona's All Natural Almond Chocolate Chip Quinoa Bar

Intriguing. I thought the quinoa concept was promising for an energy bar. That was, until I took my first bite.

This was hard to eat. There was way, way too much of an "all-natural" taste to these bars. I thought the flax seed taste completely overwhelmed the flavor of the other ingredients. I can definitely taste the quinoa, but its natural nuttiness and chewy texture are muted. One redeeming quality to this bar is the generous amount of sweet chocolate blobs it contains throughout.

This isn't low in calories - it's not supposed to be - but it does have decent nutritionals. Not decent enough, however, to justify my eating it again. Oh, and the $2.69 price tag is killer.

And Fiona, please check your spelling:

Yes, that says evaporated can juice.

Fiona's is based in Boulder (of course), and focuses on traditional granola rather than bars or quinoa. Maybe that's the better way to go with their products.



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