Thursday, June 2, 2011

Silver Creek Diner

The Quest: To find a plate of biscuits and gravy as delicious as the ones my husband used to eat at the local diner in his tiny rural hometown. He's been looking for a worthy contender ever since a recent visit back home.

The First Place We Started: Silver Creek Diner. We've seen it off C-470 a hundred or so times, and the use of the word diner in the title suggests the presence of some sort of biscuits and gravy.

This place has a bit of an unfortunate location. Anyone can see the huge DINER sign from C-470, but actually getting into the restaurant from there takes a lot more work. It's housed at the end of a string of retail spaces, something I wouldn't quite call a strip mall, on the C-470 frontage road alongside all kinds of random small businesses.

The yoga studio next door gets plenty of regular visitors; Silver Creek didn't seem to have the same appeal. We were there at about 11:30 am on a Saturday, which I would expect to be peak hours, but they were only at about 1/3 capacity.

The interior of Silver Creek looks as though the location used to house a Chinese restaurant, then a Mexican restaurant, and now a diner, and throughout the successive changes in restaurant theme, no one has changed the decor. Instead, they've just added random item after random item, turning the interior into a mishmash of bizarre paintings and photos and excessively bright wall colors.

As you probably guessed, my husband ordered the biscuits and gravy ($8), which came with eggs, hash browns and sausage. I went with a Denver omelet ($6), which came with hash browns and toast.

Just a matter of minutes later, out came our food.

My omelet was decent. It tasted exactly how I thought it would.  The cheese was sparsely applied, which I appreciated, the peppers were fresh and crunchy, and the ham....just tasted like regular ham. The hash browns were ok, very average, and the toast was strangely only toasted on one side.

Denver Omelet
My husband's biscuits and gravy were also very average.  He loved the buttery flavor of the biscuits, but the gravy was a letdown. It wasn't proper country gravy with a rich, meaty flavor and sausage pieces strewn throughout. Instead, it was thin and chicken brothy and too salty. The eggs, hash browns, and sausage were all decent but nothing special.

Biscuits and Gravy
We both felt very "eh" about Silver Creek Diner.  We may come back for another visit....or we may not.  It was cheap and quick and OK tasting, but just nothing to get excited about.

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Pros: Good service, cheap, fast
Cons: Everything is very average tasting, weird location

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